Science and Studies of Accounting and Finance: Problems and Perspectives, Volume 12, Number 1


Irina Pilvere, Aija Pilvere-Javorska, Baiba Rivza


Stock market is alternative place to bank lending for company’s finance and contributor to economic development. Baltic States is market, which traditionally is perceived as one, however it is comprised of 3 separate stock markets. Research aim was to conduct comparative analysis of stock market development performance post-recession in the Baltic States.. In order to perform analysis, number of listed companies, their market capitalization and structure in Baltic States were analyzed and also compared to main economic indicators structure in 2008-2018 6 months. The main research methods are: analysis, synthesis, the logical construction method, the induction and deduction methods, as well as time series analysis. Authors have determined main stock market performance indicators and compared stock market indicators structure with Baltic region’s economic structure. Research results indicates that number of listed companies had increased only in Estonia, also market capitalization there had experienced their value to more than double in analyzed period. In Lithuania number of companies had declined, while market capitalization the growth was slower when compared to in Estonia, while more linear. In turn, stock market capitalization and number of listed companies in Latvia were declining in 2008-2018 6 months. Overall number of listed companies in Baltic States was decreasing, while their market capitalization is increasing, but still is only 60% of value it was in pre-recession year 2007. In Estonia and in Lithuania average listed companies are larger in size, when compared to in Latvia. Size of average listed companies on stock market in Estonia and in Lithuania more than doubled in size, while in Latvia it showed insignificant growth. Stock market indicators’ structure had insignificant deviations from the main economic indicator structure in 2008, while in 6 months 2018 dynamics in Latvia stock market parameters had dropped in the structure among all 3 Baltic States. Overall, in Latvia stock market is lagging behind, when compared to one in Estonia and in Lithuania in analyzed period, thus all 3 Baltic States has had asymmetrical recovery and development speed post-recession.

JEL codes: G32, O16.


Keyword(s): stock market, market capitalization, listed company, development, Baltic States

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