Economics and Rural Development, Volume 1, Number 1


Ruta Adamoniene, Vytautas Pilipavicius
Lithuanian University of Agriculture


Theoretical and practical presumptions of the human resources development management (HRD). raised for entrepreneur skills and regularity are actualized. On the basis of literature analysis and the carried out investigation and taking into account globalization processes under society transformation conditions. This article surveys and accentuate the principle directions and fields of the human resources development Thus one or two approaches and statements presented have no strict statement. They are the accents of interpretation approach inviting for discussion. The aim of the article is to single out and name management characteristics attributable to human activity, which should be mastered within the process of the human resources development. 

Keyword(s): systemization, holism, entrepreneurship skills, activity, management, positional, regularity, change, development, progress, strategy


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