Economics and Rural Development, Volume 3, Number 2


Ligita Melece, Dina Romanova
Latvian State Institute of Agrarian Economics


The article presents main results of the first in Latvia study addressing the issues of the development of Latvia’s sustainable food
production. For detailed research two main themes for Latvia’s agri-food sector’s sustainability were chosen: 1) the issues related to
further development of the organic farming and processing; where the special attention has been paid to organic milk processing; and
obtaining of organic pigmeat and beef in different Latvia’s regions; 2) quality and environment management systems enforcement -
mandatory and voluntary and the trends of implementation of the international management standards (ISO 9001, ISO 22000;
HACCP DS 3027:2002; ISO 14001). The publications, legal documents and databases of Latvia’s governmental and nongovernmental
institutions were used as materials and the qualitative and quantitative research methods were applied for this empirical
research. The assessment of present situation and the proposals for further development has been given.

Keyword(s): sustainable food production, organic, management systems


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