Economics and Rural Development, Volume 5, Number 2


Viloyat Mirzoeva
United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM)


Tajikistan is still one of the poorest countries in Central Asia and poverty is particularly prevalent in rural areas. At the same
time, access to land is a key factor in the promotion of equality between men and women in rural areas of Tajikistan. The Government’s
gender policy: “State Programme on Gender Equality” and an amendment to it “Access of Rural Women to Land” guarantee
equality of men and women in all spheres including land relations. Through an analysis of the main laws, State programmes and statistical
data, this paper1 describes the development of the country’s gender policy. It then demonstrates how positive results have
been achieved through the implementation of two joint initiatives involving the Government and the international community,
namely the UNIFEM project “Land Reform and Women’s Rights to Land in Tajikistan”, (2003-2005) and the joint
FAO/UNIFEM/CIDA project “Improved Food Security and Enhanced Livelihoods through Institutional and Gender Sensitive Land
Reform in Tajikistan”. These results include, amongst others, changes in land legislation from the gender perspective and the introduction
of new gender disaggregated statistics.

Keyword(s): Gender issues, land reform, women, agriculture, Tajikistan


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