Economics and Rural Development, Volume 7, Number 1


Andrew F. Fieldsend
University of Plymouth


In the medium-term (i.e. to 2020), employment in the European Union (EU) will be characterised by a continuing shift away from the primary sector (especially agriculture) and manufacturing towards services, with potentially serious consequences for rural economic prosperity. A component of strong regional resilience (the ability to withstand and/or recover from economic shocks) is a broad mix of economic sectors. This paper summarises the potential for new sources of employment beyond agriculture in rural areas across the EU, as identified in the pilot areas research undertaken by the EU Framework 7 project ‘RuralJobs’. It concludes that the potential for new jobs exists in most sectors in most areas, and that innovation and local resources are important determining factors of job creation

Keyword(s): Non-agricultural rural employment, European Union, regional resilience


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