Economics and Rural Development, Volume 2, Number 1


Asta Raupelienė, Linas Stabingis
Lithuanian University of Agriculture


The aim of this article was to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of Crop Declaration and Control Information System (CDCIS) and to identify the trends of improvement of this system. There are presented results of monographic and empirical of CDCIS quality evaluation according to three of five criteria, identified in standard ISO 9126. To evaluate the quality of this system the following means were created: model of evaluation process; integrated mathematical model; system of criteria and indicators for CDCIS quality evaluation and, also, determined matrixes of these indicators. Using prepared questionnaires 4 experts provided evaluation of importance of CDCIS quality indicators and 16 users provided evaluation of means of these indicators. Using the integrated mathematical model the common index of CDCIS quality it was calculated. The fact that mean of common CDCIS quality index is equal to 0.93 allowed to make conclusion that quality and effectiveness of Crop Declaration and Control Information System is very good, but could be improved by using the recommended measures. 

Keyword(s): IS effectiveness, IS quality, model, evaluation


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